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5 Unique Ways to Approach Lead Generation

in Lead Generation by MediaGoals | 12 Mar 2019

For many small businesses, lead generation is what keeps a company alive and profitable. For new and experienced entrepreneurs alike, the question then becomes: “How can I generate more leads?”

When it comes to online marketing, the goal is to get as many leads as possible. And not just any leads — you want leads that are interested in what you have to offer.  Check out these ideas to help you get started.

1. Lead Generation with Product / Service Video

Do you have a unique product or service that needs to be explained for customers to “get” it? If so, that can hinder your ability to get interested leads. After all, if consumers do not know what they are buying, they may pass right over what you have to offer.

A solution is to create help videos that will solve a problem or answer a question your consumers have. Remember, if you are unsure of how to get started with video creation, our professional team at Media Goals can help.

2. Create a Fun Quiz

Another option is to create a quiz to publish on your website. A Quiz is not only fun for visitors, but it also gives you the chance to learn more about them and capture their contact information. The goal will be to “bargain” the result of the quiz for a new lead.

3. Make You are About Us Page Stand Out

If you want to learn something about your website visitors, such as their contact information, then you should offer something about yourself in return. Your About Us page is the perfect opportunity to do this. Use the page to highlight your company, your people and what makes your company special. Tell your story, and get feedback to make sure it is interesting and engaging.

4. Keep Your Blog Updated

When you post blogs on a regular basis and keep the information relevant, such as answers to customer’s questions, new information about products, and news related to your industry, you will keep your viewers coming back time and time again. You can even offer “special” or “secret” blog info to consumers who leave their contact information.

5. Post Engaging Social Media Messages

Social media is the way people communicate today. When it comes to online marketing and SEO, you have to utilize social media. Here you can post videos, blogs and other information your visitors would find appealing.

When you are ready to market your website and generate new leads, then the information here can help you get started. While there are many other lead generation methods available, these are proven effective and can help you generate the leads you want.  At Media Goals, we can help you with lead generation to ensure you achieve your goals.


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