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5 Surefire SEO Strategies to Bring You More Leads

in Online Marketing by Media Goals | 12 Mar 2019

Used properly, search engine optimization (SEO), helps to ensure the visibility of your website and its content in the SERPs (search engine results page).

When you search for something, you are given a page of results (the SERPs). If you are like most people, you are going to look at the first few options, read the short descriptions provided and determine if the pages meet your needs. There is a high likelihood that you aren’t going to venture past page one and instead, you will just enter new search terms.

If you are a business owner, and your website isn’t featured on this first page of search results, then the likelihood that you will get much traffic is going to be very low. This is where SEO comes in. SEO is the efforts you have to use to ensure your page is visible to searchers for certain terms and phrases.

SEO is an all-encompassing term that is used for describing anything achieving these results, from social media marketing to link-building, to even having your website embedded with keywords that will be noticed by the search engines.

If you want to find the most effective ways to generate more leads, then use the tips and information found here.


When creating content for your website, using the right keywords is crucial, you also need to make sure that you are publishing relevant, informative content that your readers will find engaging. Ranking factors for search engines are constantly changing and if you don’t focus on anything but the keywords used, the results achieved will be subpar.

You also need to make sure you publish content on a consistent basis. Don’t publish blogs every day in a week, and then stop.  This will hurt your SEO ranking.

Landing Page

You have to optimize the landing page you create to achieve the SEO results you want and need. The perfectly optimized landing page will include the following elements:

  • A title that includes the city and state
  • Topical keyword relevance to the content
  • Authority and quality inbound links
  • NAP (name, address and phone number)

While there are other factors that a landing page needs as well, such as keyword optimized calls to action. The above are the most important when it comes to SEO rank.

PPC Advertising

While there are some who believe that SEO and PPC are not connected, this isn’t the case. You use your SEO keywords to optimize your PPC campaigns. Additionally, used the right way keywords can improve your mobile searches, helping your site rank higher. Well-placed keywords in PPC ads can help ensure your pages are found and give you an opportunity to engage more readers.

Meta Data

Keyword optimized metadata is crucial when it comes to SEO. The fact is, this has become a more important ranking factor than ever before. Make sure to create titles that interesting and that also highlights what you are trying to rank for.  The same is true for descriptions.

A good rule of thumb is to use your keyword and location as close to the front of meta titles and descriptions as possible.

Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page will increase your exposure to potential customers, which will help you generate more leads. Your Facebook page can also, help lower your marketing expenses. Optimizing your fan page to include posts featuring keywords you are trying to rank for, then you will generate more traffic and shares.  In the long run, this will help increase your ranking.

Generating leads doesn’t have to be impossible, but it does take strategy and effort. The tips here should help you develop an SEO plan that will work for your business.



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